Life is all about experience, but taking that leap of faith in choosing which experiences you want to embrace can be quite scary.  The fear of choosing to make changes in our lives can create such a fear that it stops us right in our tracks.

Well, I say F- That.

Anxiety and Fear that keeps us stuck is the most horrible feeling of loneliness. You know what I’m talking about.. when you see your friends leaving you behind as they get married and have children, or get the new job while you are still figuring out if you can fit a new pair of shoes in your budget.  (Cause you aren’t sure how long the cable company will let you go without paying the bill.. and you can’t go even one week without watching Pretty Little Liars ) <– Isn’t everyone as addicted to it as I am??

Now, if we have to be honest.. we really don’t want to lay all of our doubts and insecurities out there to our friends. It’s bad enough they saw us lying on their bathroom floor over New Year’s holding a bottle of wine screaming inaudible cries about how there wasn’t someone to kiss when the ball dropped.  There is no way you can get away with that again!

Come to think of it, they haven’t even asked you if you’ve heard from your ex because a 3 hour rant about men is something they don’t have time for.

That’s when you consult the reader.  Yup..  you look up tarot reader after tarot reader to help you sort out when the next man will come into your life, and what money is coming to pay the bills that you ‘forgot’ about <wink> in order to buy that super cute shirt so you’d feel better. Not to mention you now need to replace the money you just spent on the reader.

But it was so worth it because your reader was able to give you hope and lay out a path, and talk to you straight.. like having your own personal big sister telling you to snap out of this shithole you’ve been lying in.

Well.. that’s what I did, for a very long time. I was the big sister tarot reader.. and then I designed and published a few tarot decks that people said was like having a big sister right there in front of you.

But sometimes, I heard my little sisters complain that other readers weren’t listening to them, or over-charging, or giving advice that just didn’t seem to make sense or even worse.. left them full of empty promises that were left unfulfilled.

And now I’m saying.. (in my big sister voice) it’s time you learned how to speak this language of tarot.. from your own spirit, to your own spirit.. and take control over your life.

Tarot Reading Site is all about understanding spiritual language through signs that show up in our life. From what shows up in a tarot reading to learning how patterns show up in our life.

It’s about living life according to your free will and not sitting waiting for destiny to show up.

Here’s what I’m about :

I teach the language of spirit through tarot cards and awareness of how nature shows up in our life

I will give you the tools to develop plans around your goals so that you create your own destiny

I will do this in a fun, simple, quick and easy manner.


My love,