What Mood is your Tarot Card in ?

Stepping out and Coming back in : A Fresh Perspective on Tarot and Life
July 5, 2014
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What Mood is your Tarot Card in ?

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Color is as important to life as….


If you ever drank a pacific breeze simply JUST because of the way the blue haze danced around a vodka-soaked lemon slice, or let your heart fall right into the brightest blue eyes you’d ever seen knowing that if you loose your grip (or blink).. your heart was toast — then you know exactly why color is important to life.

Color allows us to emotionally experience what we can expect from interacting with our environment.

Okay.. in english………

We know when a piece of wood is red, it could be burning hot, therefore we need to be on guard. If we see bright yellow, we feel that lift in our spirit. If we see a green color on a car, we know someone had a sick twisted mind and probably knew he was losing his job anyways. Ah come on, like you’ve never described a car as being puke green before?

In Tarot, color is just as important.

It tells us the mood that is interacting with the energy on the card, and in the reading.

An exercise to help you figure out what the mood of the energy is…

The next time you pull a card, intuitively feel the color on the card. Ask yourself.. what does it feel like?

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